Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dear Diary… 

Friday – Back from holiday. Too many thoughts still bouncing around, unwilling to settle, and a very strange dream... But all in all, a very special time - the first time we've been away as a complete family for 5 years, and almost certainly the last such time.

Saturday – Family expanded by two balls of fluff, following visit to Wood Green Animal Shelter. Came away with two year-old cats (who think they’re still kittens). Could easily have come away with a carful but settled for just the two. Suggestions for names welcome – somehow I think we’ll lose the names Splidge and Splodge, with which they came into the rescue centre. [Moses, our Grand Old Man of 17 years, finally went to pussy heaven a few weeks ago, leaving his house and garden in our care].

Monday – Up at 5.40am to take son to airport, bound for Croatia. How come a supposedly impoverished student can afford three holidays (Morocco was the other one) when I only manage one? I must have something wrong somewhere…

Tuesday – Felt like shit. Went to work anyway. Felt even more like shit, came straight home again. Alternately dozed, shivered, sweated, drank, peed, took paracetamol for the next 18 hours.

Wednesday – Semblance of rationality returns, although men with hammers still at work in head. Downloaded and installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 – wonder therefore if rationality will soon depart again and reinforcements arrive for men with hammers?

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