Sunday, May 02, 2004

The demon strikes back... 

"Fool; you thought you could banish me forever did you? Thought your puny little soul could shut me out and live happily ever after?

"Think again. My tentacles will be forever fingering the stones of the temples you build; creeping over the structures, finding the cracks where I can prise apart your crudely-laid blocks before the mortar sets. As fast as you can build, I can destroy.

"I can be cunning too; I don't have to make a frontal assault. All I need do is hold a screen in front of your eyes to protect you from the truth. Whichever way you look you'll see only what I want you to see. I can colour your view so completely you'll believe black is white.

"Every brightly-coloured, hopeful picture you paint, I will daub with black and grey and brown smears.

"Every song you sing, I can drown out with thunderous crashing chords. Hell, I don't even need to do that. All I have to do is sound one discordant note and I can break the music's spell. All I need do is slip just one innocent little note in amongst so many others; you'll never spot it in the score but your ear will hear it and you wont be able to get the sound out of your head. It'll drive you nuts and you'll grow to hate the music. So do you dare open your mouth? Do you? I'll be waiting. Oh, I'm gonna love this. Haven't had so much fun in years. Sucker!

"Ha! So you're going to be a counsellor now, not a writer? Better be a damn good one then. Fool, to declare it so. Now you give me once more the power to strangle you, to suck the energy out of you. Bolt every door, close every crack to keep me out - suits me fine. I still win. Open your soul and you open it to doubt and fear; close it and I laugh at the simplicity of my victory. Either way, I have you.

"I have so many weapons to use against you. You think you know about guilt, fear, doubt, ridicule, sloth, logic, busyness, procrastination, mindless trivia. But I can take love and caring and compassion and turn them against you too; I can turn yourself against you; I can turn the whole world against you. You don't stand a chance, you know that, don't you? You might as well give up now and save yourself the bother of fighting. You're only going to get hurt, after all - why suffer when you don't have to? Life could be so easy, so comfortable.

"Just listen a moment. Things aren't really so bad, are they? See all this lovely security; this beautiful sameness. You don't want to have to think, do you? To make decisions? That's so hard, so stressful, so tiring. Just sit back and take it easy. I'll look after you; make sure there are no awkward questions, no difficult decisions. I'll shelter you from all that painful reality out there. It's so easy; all you have to do is nothing. What could be easier than that? You know it makes sense."


Shit. This guy means business. I'd better watch out.

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