Thursday, April 08, 2004


This is a diary update more than anything; I don't like leaving yesterday's post hanging there as my most recent message to the world, now that I've moved a little way on.

That post was a minor turning point. It was an expression of anger, and relatively mild though it may have been, the anger was expressed nonetheless - and in that expression released, and it's power vanquished, allowing me to move out of that dark place. I wouldn't have believed such a simple step could have such power - having learned over a lifetime, rightly or wrongly, that anger is something to be suppressed, I have little first-hand experience of it's expression. But now I've learned it does have a place after all.

And changing the subject completely, I had another synchronistic occurrence today. It turns out that before my counsellor was a therapist, she was a journalist. I wonder how many ex-writer counsellor's there are in London? As many as one? And by chance we made contact...

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