Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Why Blog? 

I first "met" Lois soon after I started blogging. She and I started our blogs at much the same time and by happy chance discovered each other soon after. I say chance; in a world of millions of blogs, what makes one stand out so that you click the link? In this case it was the name - Heart@work - that caught my eye. I don't know whether Lois spent hours agonising over the name or whether it just popped into her head, but it is a wonderfully apt name, describing what I know of her so well.

For the past week, Lois has been running a guest spot, inviting a number of bloggers to share their thoughts on what blogging means to them - how they started, why they do it, how it's changed them. Today it's my turn. If you've not already seen the series (now into it's second week!) go and pay Lois a visit, read the words of some wonderful writers you may not have come across before, and discover a blog full of honesty, wisdom and hope.

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