Thursday, February 19, 2004

Meaningful Messages  

One of the things I love most about blogs is the way meaningful messages come so unexpectedly. In the comments at Laughing Knees, where butuki is facing some questions and decisions that have some similarity to my own, I found this gem from leslee:

“It sounds to me like you could be in that space of creative chaos, like when you have an idea for a poem or a writing piece but all the pieces are still floating in the mind and aren’t yet ready to take shape. Keep playing with the constants, those things you wrote about as giving you satisfaction and you know you want to have in your life. It’ll come together - maybe not all at once, but the next step is bound to become clear to you.”

I’ve had this feeling of thoughts and emotions all tumbling around together, having different perspectives on them on different days, unable to see any clear picture emerging from the chaos. Leslee’s comment, even though meant for someone else, brings two deeply significant things out of that chaos:

Keep playing with the constants... those things that give satisfaction…

Even the longest, most arduous journey is made up of single steps.

Thanks, leslee

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