Monday, February 09, 2004

A fragment... 

Balance. Finding balance was never easy, and now, with so many patterns of thought filling his head, the need to focus on the right – or most appropriate – pattern for that particular moment was itself creating another thought-cycle playing alongside the others all jostling for attention.

So many competing movies all playing at once. Bright fireworks of ideas exploding; some close to, in great flashes of technicolor insight, some distant, a faint spark that faded and vanished before he could turn to look and understand the form of the flashing synapses in his mind. A world of inspiration, of delight, of possibility.

Eyes closed, his mind runs back over thoughts of recent days, of energy rediscovered, an almost forgotten sense of the power of life; a deep love for all humanity that could embrace the world. The light of a spontaneous smile shines quietly for a moment, replaying in thought a note from a friend. Further down the carriage, the secret smile is noticed, and involuntarily mirrored – a kindred spirit perhaps, turning over her own positive thoughts in this no-man’s-land of the daily commute?

How to stay centred, to stay connected to that inner source which seems to tap into a limitless universal supply of goodness, in a world so obviously in need of it, and so apparently in denial of its existence?

That was his question of the moment.

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