Thursday, January 01, 2004

Each day another stone 

Each day another stone;
Each day another block
Takes its place,
Joins the structure,
Extending the design,
Building moment by moment,
To this one goal;
This unique place,
This focus,
This Now.
Summit of the pyramid.

Its design could not ever have led
You to any other place;
And each day a new summit
Each day
The pyramid builds,
And you with it.

The design has brought you
To the only place you could be,
To the one place you must be.

To what purpose?

A new arrival,
And a new departure, for now
The pyramid inverts.
All futures
Begin here

Meanwhile, here you stand;
Forever at the crossroads,
Forever at the fulfilment of all that has gone before;
Forever at the genesis of all that is to come.

Choose; well or otherwise.
All paths become your destiny.

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