Friday, January 16, 2004


I love the way whole pictures can appear suddenly in consciousness, apparently from nowhere, showing how the subconscious mind has been busy beavering away at something, often by making links or taking a perspective that bypasses consciousness.

Yesterday, this picture sprang, fully-formed, into my mind.

Imagine the Earth viewed from space; so close that it fills the frame. Imagine too that we’re looking at the night side and that the sky everywhere is clear – no clouds – so any light on the ground is visible. Black space, dark continents in darker oceans, and pinpricks of light representing humanity. Now stretch imagination and forget for the moment the minor detail that in reality you can only see half the globe; in imagination let the whole planet spread out before you.

Then turn out all the lights except your own, plus those representing the blogs you frequent and those of the bloggers who frequent your site.

Pinpricks of light around the globe, invisibly joined, but joined nonetheless. Connections made - a mutual support network.

Inspiring; empowering; exciting; encouraging; exploring; reassuring; comforting;supporting.

Thanks to Steve for the inspiration.

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