Saturday, November 08, 2003


Today, the patriarch of the family group initiated his first-born son deeper into the mystic rites of manhood. Further ritual secrets were revealed, passed down through the generations of the male line.

Many years earlier, in the days of his youth, the patriarch had learned these skills at the hand of his own father; now the vanguard of a new generation was ready to receive the wisdom of practical homebuilding, in preparation for the time soon to come when he too would venture forth into the world seeking fame , fortune, and a roof over his head.

In short, I taught the lad how to hang wallpaper.

(And a fine job he made of it too).

(And before the howls of protest at my non-PC post flood in, yes, I know women hang wallpaper as well - my wife does, for one - I was just taking a bit of artisitic (?!) license).

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