Friday, October 03, 2003

Too Much! 

I think I need to take to heart Abyssal Mind’s recommendations about managing information overload. My head seems on the verge of exploding with a profusion of new ideas; the potential for new understandings just over the horizon; windows opening where I didn’t even know they existed. In the last few days, through others’ blogs, I’ve across enough exciting new perspectives to keep my decaying grey matter occupied for weeks to come.

First there was The Support Economy via Jon Husband, which seems to articulate the deep feeling of unease I have over the way governments and corporations seem increasingly divorced from the values of people they profess to serve.

Then came the idea of Pattern Language from Chris Corrigan via Ming and Christopher Alexander’s discovery of the 15 properties which correlate with an objective sense of beauty in architectural design (and beyond).
I’ve long been fascinated by architectural spaces so I’m looking forward to finding out more about “what works” and how spaces can be created that support human wholeness rather than merely acting as containers for our working and domestic lives.

Now today via gassho’s wiki wednesday comes Danah Zohar’s ideas of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), The Quantum Self, and their impact on organisations

More to come here on all of these as I explore each further. In the meantime, follow the links if any of these spark a moment's curiosity.

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