Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Spoof blogs 

One of the blogs I look into from time to time is Baghdad Burning, a report from within Iraq of what's really happening there. Although in such a politically sensitive zone its perhaps natural to be a little suspicious, I have no reason to believe that this blog is anything other than that which it purports to be - an honest, personal account. Just what you'd expect from a blogger.


I discovered there's also a fake (well, I presume its a fake), rather obviously pro-US version as well. One letter different in the URL.

I'm just wondering whether this has been produced by a private individual, or whether it has US government backing. Either way, its a little sad to see blogging apparently being used to deceive. But I suppose whilst there are deceitful people in this world there will also be deceitful blogs.

My natural inclination however remains to trust first and question second.

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