Sunday, August 31, 2003


Most of the routine of living is just that - routine. The next day is much like the last; events come and go and we all get a little older.

But every once in a while something unexpected and special comes along to surprise and delight. Today is one of those days.

Music plays a pretty central part in my life, and I've often wondered about the vast wealth of great music and great talent out there that I'll probably never get to hear. Not that I feel hard done by; its good to know that music represents a well of inspiration that will never run dry.

Anyway, today I heard for the first time the amazing voice of Eva Cassidy. I've probably been up a cultural backwater because although I'd heard the name I knew nothing about her and had never knowingly heard her sing.

What can I say. Words are inadequate. If I was a singer, I think I might feel the same way as Oscar Peterson felt when he first heard Art Tatum - according to the story, he cried and didn't touch a piano for six weeks; there didn't seem a lot of point in the face of such talent. But thankfully I'm no singer so I just feel gladdened to have had that particular little corner of musical mastery revealed.

Good on you, songbird, wherever you're flying now.

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