Tuesday, July 29, 2003

More notes 

Bizarre. I’ve been pretty dysfunctional at work lately. Concentration collapsed, motivation zero, ability to do the simplest task zilch. But late last night I was sitting at the keyboard (piano, not qwerty) again and the notes were flowing again. So now I have a beginning, I just have to develop it to reach the middle and end that fell out a couple of days ago.

Its curious that there seems to be some kind of see-saw relationship between artistic creativity and routine human functionality. Perhaps this reflects activity in one area of the brain having an influence over activity in another area. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship? And if so, which way? Is routine dominant and does creativity only emerge when routine is dormant? Or is it the other way around - does a surge of creativity push routine aside?

And does it matter?

If I was at the other kind of keyboard now, I’ll bet these analytical thoughts would have killed any creativity stone dead. I think I’ll just appreciate it when it comes and stop trying to explain where it comes from.

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